Halfmoon Redesign

Halfmoon came to us needing a massive redesign. They needed a flexible, responsive ecommerce site that converted well on all devices. Branding was also something they wanted to highlight more and bring to the center stage. Product discovery and sales were vital.

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Sitka Redesign

When Sitka approached us with the opportunity to redesign their online site, we knew it was going to be a great collaboration. We were already in love with their products, so it was natural we'd be thrilled to do their site. We focused on creating a seamless experience between shopping and brand interaction. We also made the whole experience responsive across all devices. The blog was given a major overhaul and new features like collection pieces were added.

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Armand Nicolet Redesign

We were thrilled with the opportunity to redesign Armand Nicolet again. It had been several years since we touched it last and we knew we could make some huge improvements. We focused on two main objectives: simplifying the user experience, and bringing more attention to the products.

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