The Giving Keys

The Giving Keys

This was a fun one for us. Another linked connection from a previous project, The Giving Keys had seen our work and knew how we approached each job – with diligence and personalization. Given this referral, and their need for a website update, everything came together and resulted in a modern and responsive website for their distinctive product.





We fell in love with their product photography and realized their customers felt the same way. We enlarged the photography dramatically and brought more attention to not only the products but they way the products were used in the real world.



The Giving Keys

On the home page we designed a beautiful fullscreen carousel highlighting their newest products.

We added small product thumbnails below the main carousel. This allowed even more products to be seen at first glance.

We thought it was important to show the products being used in real life to create curiosity and encourge exploration in the site.

The Giving Keys

We clean the category page up dramatically and made it less intimidating. We designed an optional category image that could also be used to promote specials.

On the category thumbnails, it was important to remove clutter and really focus on simplifying the experience on this page.

The Giving Keys

This was our favorite page. Products is front and center with huge impact. We worked hard on simplifying this page.

We kept the product description and options extremely clean and simple to keep focus on this page. The intent was to keep people interested and to allow the viewer to keep scrolling to learn more about the product.

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