Chevalier Collection Redesign

We had the privilege of working with Chevalier in redesigning their site. These guys make some of the most unique and sophisticated aerating wine glasses on the market. Because of their uniqueness, we felt it was important to give viewers immediate insight on this amazing product. We needed to get out of the way and let these amazing products come through.




At first glance of their old site, it’s not clear what they are actually selling. We weren’t sure if they sold wine boxes, or just normal wine glasses. We knew right away we need to improve here. People need to know instantly what’s special about their product and how innovative their wine glasses are.



The hero image on the home page is a html5 video. The video shows wine being pored into the glass and you can see the wine being aerated. We felt the video did more than what we could do with words or images.

We cleaned up the images and removed the backgrounds to really accentuate the products. We felt every detail was important to showcase.


We really focused on simplicity here. The goal was to get out of the way with design and let the products speak for themselves.

Gift boxes was somethign they really wanted to feature, so we made sure to give attention to it while still keeping focus on the main products.

The detail page from our perspective was the most important page. After all, this is the page where they can purchase the product. We really cleaned this page up and put the focus on the product photogrpahy with clean typography.

The technology section was probably the most improved. They previously had illustrations with no real photography and it was’t really inviting to look at. We combined the detail specs with real photography and it really popped and made a huge difference.

To clean this section up even more, we designed a carouself to navigate to each product’s technology. This allowed to to showcase more of the details and specs of the technology.

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