Love Jules Leather Redesign

We discovered Love Jules Leather while working on the Sitka site. Love Jules Leather makes custom leather kicks and have been hitting it hard. They have done some amazing collaborations: Sitka being one of them. We thought we’d stop by their shop to check out their cool studio and products. That interaction led itself to a great friendship, and before we knew it, we were building a site for these guys.



Love Jules Leather were utilizing their url to point people to their Etsy shop. The bounce rate was extremely high and people were expecting something more than just a shop. Instagram accounted for a good amount of orders and they have close to 11,000 followers on instagram. The social space was something we needed to pay close attention to and it was important we carried that over to the new site.




Since Instagram was so important to them, we prominently placed a feed on the home page per their request, to encourage people check out the custom stuff being made. What better way to showcase custom kicks? We feel this feature will really help these guys and net some more traffic and sales.


90% of the time, smartphones use is all thumbs. This design is centered around that school of thought. A far-left swipe gets you to the navigation, a far-right swipe gets you to cart items. This site was built around UX speed and simplicity and the navigation really showcases this.



The hero image on the home page is a html5 video. This really brings across the brand and culture of Love Jules Leather. They are more than a shoe company, they are about expressing themselves creatively and crafting amazing shoes.

Collaborations was really important to showcase for LJL. These callouts are featured right in the middle of the page with a CTA to their story as well.

Featuring products right on the home page was crucial we felt. This can be a place to showcase the hottest items and highlight new products.

The category page was kept simple and we really tried to get out of the way to let the products come through. Clicking on the header will bring the left sidebar options out for quick filtering.

Some categories will have more shoes than others, so we implemented a lazy loader to keep the page load down.

The detail page was our favorite page. We added pinch and zoom to see fine details of the products and also vertical swiping to navigate between the different photos.

We purposely divided the description and reviews below the product photos. We really wanted the viewers to not be distracted while looking at the amazing photography.

Where these guys came from is really important to them. We had fun with this page and featured a shot from Whistler, B.C., where they first started on their journey together making custom kicks.

We thought it would be great to show some images in a carousel to see more into their past. We anticipated this page changing frequently so we set it up to easily maintain and update as they see fit.

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