Armand Nicolet Redesign

We were thrilled with the opportunity to redesign Armand Nicolet again. It had been several years since we touched it last and we knew we could make some huge improvements. We focused on two main objectives: simplifying the user experience, and bringing more attention to the products.



We noticed the watches felt a little washed out on a dark gray background. When we dropped the dark background and had a cleaner lighter backdrop, we noticed the watches really jumped out at us, which is what we were going for.





We decided to bring in the beautiful photography of Tramelon, Switzerland and use that as a backdrop to their gorgeous watches. We feel it adds a bit of nostalgia and gives a classic feel to the site.

We added recent news, processes, along with newest creations so users could quickly see at a glance what’s happening at Armand.

Armand’s History was crucial. We added a nice call to action to allow people to read about their history. We feel it really adds value in the site.

We consolidated the sorting options up top, and simplified this whole process. This allows the filtering to get out of the way of the watches but still have accessibility at your fingertips.

By removing the left sidebar, we were able to gain more space for watches. This made a much nicer browsing experience.

We streamlined this section by allowing easy filtering and the mid section arrows allow you to scroll through every watch and style instead of having to click around in different locations.

We also introduced a featured section where customers can call to inquire about ordering based on their ip location.

We spent a great deal of time making sure the mobile/ipad experience was top notch. We made tons of improvements with touch interactivity and a sleeker mobile navigation that is more user-friendly.

We utilized every square inch on all the devices to make sure we were advertising and giving dynamic options to feature new products on the home page.

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