Shopify Bundles and Inventory Tracking with Ordoro

Bundling products can be a great way to increase sales.  Unfortunately with Shopify bundles are not supported without the use of a third party app.  Even so, we’ve found that the apps currently available have fallen short against some of our current customer’s needs.   Because of this, we were asked to put together a solution that allowed our client to create discounted bundles within Shopify while offering them powerful inventory control using Ordoro.

To do this we created a custom shopify connector using the Ordoro API.  Our connector allowed our client to map their product bundles with variations without having to create over 100,000 additional inventory sku’s for each possible kit combination in Shopify and Ordoro. This also allowed the client to track inventory for the bundled sku based on the individual products associated with the bundle.   The end results is a clean experience for the user while allowing the store owner to leverage the powerful inventory control features of Ordoro.  

Going with a custom Ordoro integration allows the store owner to take advantage of multi channel marketing without having to worry about inventory issues.

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