Keyword Strategies

Not sure how to reach your target audience? A strong keyword strategy can funnel targeted traffic to your website and boost your ROI—but different goals require different strategies. Are you seeking to empower your brand? Increase direct sales of your products or services from your website? Achieve first-page search engine results for your target keywords? Combine branding and conversion for a balanced boost? At Port80, we tailor our keyword services to the goals of your business. We’ll work with you to determine the best strategies for your business, as well as the SEO performance goals you want, and then create a conversion-based plan that draws the right traffic to your website or landing page.


How do you prove results with your keyword strategies? Effective analytics are vital to your success—but measuring ROI should involve more than page ranking and visibility. At Port80, we deliver campaign analytics that go beyond page ranking to show you precisely how effective your keywords are at converting your visitors to customers. Our frequent keyword analysis enables you to make the right adjustments to achieve maximum conversion.

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No target keywords? No problem. Our experts know which keywords work in various situations. We’ll work with you to really get to know your business, and put together a comprehensive list of relevant keywords that will drive results—including keywords for product searches, problem searches, and complimentary searches.


When you already know what works, you can emulate proven strategies and achieve success. We’ll deliver concrete data on the keywords that are working for successful competitor sites, and then work with you to refine and optimize your keyword sets for the best results.


Customer Interactions

How do customers find your website? When you know that, you’re a step ahead of the game. We’ll analyze the customer interactions on your website to help you predict the searches that lead visitors to you. We can also enhance and refine your customer behavior data with customer-generated content, interviews with customer service reps, and online forum monitoring.

Conversion Analysis

The most important job of your website is to turn visitors into customers. Our SEO strategies focus on improving two major metrics that work to improve your business: conversion rate, or the number of site visitors that end up making a purchase; and conversion value, or the lifetime benefit that your conversions produce for your business.

Importance of a Keyword Strategy

Search engine optimization (SEO) is about more than making the first page of results. The best way to climb the search engine ranks is to build your SEO strategy on a bulletproof keyword foundation with targeted goals, backed by solid research and analysis.

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