Android Application Development

If you’re thinking about releasing an app, developing an Android version is no longer an option—it’s a necessity. Target demographics for mobile operating systems are changing rapidly, and the Android platform is currently the most popular OS in the world. In fact, Android is the go-to launch platform for many developers today. Our engineers are experienced in developing robust Android apps that perform flawlessly for every user, across the wide variety of Google-powered devices.


Your customers won’t bother using your app if it’s not easy and intuitive. We believe that an outstanding user interface is the key to a successful app—and our approach is to design and finalize the mobile interface first, to ensure functionality and ease of use.

The instruments of total Google domination are all included, from completely customizable URLs to meta tags, robots.txt files, and automatically generated sitemaps.

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The instruments of total Google domination are all included, from completely customizable URLs, meta tags and robots.txt files to automatically generated sitemaps. Find out more.


With consumer technology that’s constantly evolving, it’s essential to make sure your apps remain on the cutting edge. Our mobile experts help you target the latest version of Android for your project, making your apps easy to use through powerful new features, such as cross-platform single sign-on. Our developers work with APIs to unlock and deploy the most up-to-date functionality for your apps to wow your users: location APIs, Daydream screensavers, lock screen widgets, external displays, RTL layouts, and much more.


Professional Android Development

Reduce your uninstall rate with high quality app development from Port80, ensuring smooth operation across all Android-powered devices.


Some app developers offer design-and-disappear services. When you work with Port80, you’ll receive full, ongoing support for your app, with updates on the latest trends and technologies that could benefit you.

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Our goal is to exceed your expectations. The Port80 team is available whenever you are, and ready to deliver your custom Android app based on your schedule.

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