Web Design

Your website is often the first company face your potential customers see. Shouldn’t it be perfect? At Port80, we work closely with you to translate your vision into a website you can take pride in—one that will keep your visitors coming back for more.


Why do users leave your site? Most of the time, it’s out of frustration—because what they’re seeing isn’t optimized for their device, and it’s difficult or impossible to find what they’re looking for. Our responsive web design ensures that your visitors have a seamless user experience every time, no matter what device or operating system they’re using to access your site. With critical information at their fingertips, users stay longer on your website—and more visitors become customers.

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Details matter to your visitors. That’s why we obsess over them, and make sure every pixel of your site design is perfectly in place. Our design team builds each website by hand, from the ground up. The results are clean, stunning pages that focus on your content and your products—effectively driving results for your company.


Despite advances in office printing technology, when it comes to printed materials for your business, clip art and laser-jet printers just aren’t going to cut it. Our traditional graphic design services give you the edge you need. We design sleek, professional logos, business cards, brochures, stationary, posters, and more—if it’s printed, we can create it for you. And our long-term partnerships with offset and digital printers ensure that every project is produced to perfection.



If you’re going to succeed in business today, you need a memorable brand. Branding is a crucial component for any design initiative—a great brand offers a sense of who you are and what you stand for, and encourages the trust you need to win new customers.

We know what it takes to create an impactful brand, right from the start. In addition to branded design, we provide guidelines that enable your company to successfully maintain branding across every channel.

Icon Design

If details make the difference, then icons are essential components for helping your company stand out. We provide custom icon designs for apps, websites, and user interfaces that maintain your brand and improve the visitor experience.


Working in a highly competitive industry? Enhance the character of your website with custom illustrations. From logos to splash banners to menu elements and more, we can provide unique illustrations that take your site to the next level.

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