Mobile Interface Design

Ever increasingly, users are demanding intuitive mobile interfaces. Attention spans are decreasing, and if your application isn't dead simple to use, users will go elsewhere.


iOS is the most popular mobile platform to launch consumer facing mobile applications. When launching on iOS its important to implement a mobile designer interface that feels completely native to the device, and operates as a seemless extension of the operating system.

Succesful interfaces will use design elements from the iOS design so the user will be instantly familiar with the process flow and will be encouraged to use the application rather than be scared away by a leanring curve.

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Android is the most widely used mobile operating system, and is now an essential platform to support for any successful consumer facing mobile application.

When developing interfaces for Android, it is important to carefully consider supported devices. As Android is completely open it means there is a much larger array of devices to support, from standard phones, to phablets, to 7 inch and 10 inch tablets.


At first, most basic mobile applications simply “scaled up”, using the same interface design for both mobile and tablets. No longer is this the case.

Users most often use mobile devices in different situations than tablet users, and require different information at their finger tips. For these reasons, it is most effective to carefully consider completely different user interface strategies for different devices.


Mobile Statistics

It’s estimated that smartphone sales will surpass 1 billion units sold in 2014. If you’ve thought “my customers don’t care if my site is mobile friendly,” it might be time to reconsider:

  • 4 out of 5 consumers use smartphones to shop.
  • Mobile is already a bigger traffic source than desktop for many web properties.
  • Tablets are consistently outselling PC’s with the gap widening.

Mobile Marketing

It’s estimated that only 25% of brands have a mobile strategy. While this statistic is sobering, it’s also a prime opportunity to capitlize in mobile marketing.

The faster you can bring your mobile presence online, the more likely customers are going to stick around and get to you know your brand better.

Mobile Apps

82% of mobile media time is via apps. Now more than ever is a good time to think about launching an app for your company. There are many options such as native apps, hybrid apps etc.

An app has a lot to offer. You can create an experience tailored to your audience with less distractions and the marketing opportunity is endless.

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