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Nurish by Nature Made® delivers highly customized daily vitamin packs to their customers’ doors. This monthly subscription service gathers data from a 60-step questionnaire which intuitively recommends an individualized mix of nutritional supplements.

“In only four months, port80 built out a heavily customized ecommerce system based on Shopify Plus”


To deliver on their mission of a hyper-personalized vitamin and supplement subscription service, Nurish needed an end-to-end business system that could gather, track, and translate customer data into their various business systems.

In only four months, port80 built out a heavily customized ecommerce system based on Shopify Plus, while leveraging the Recharge APIs to build management portal that allowed users to have a multi component subscription. We also developed the questionnaire itself, which intuitively pivots its queries as customers enter data and fills the customer’s cart in real time.


When port80 first teamed up with Nurish by Nature Made®, they had ordered their distribution and packaging machine (more about that below) and had begun work with nutritionists and pharmacists on the algorithm, but didn’t have the technology to bridge the gap from the website to the machine..

In addition to the ecommerce systems, Nurish also needed a robust email marketing system for converting questionnaire leads and a subscription management portal for customers to easily manage their accounts.


Not only does the questionnaire pivot its queries based on each customer’s specific answers, it also dynamically calculates the volume of vitamins and supplements and identifies when the customer’s single daily packet splits into two daily packets. The user’s cart will flag volume concerns and allows users to manually reduce their suggested supplements back down to a single pack, as well as add manual products they would like to have included.

Each day, new orders are automatically packed and shipped. A job runs each morning, which then pulls the orders from Shopify and inputs them into Nurish’s machine. The machine then sorts and packages each user’s custom-branded daily packs in monthly quantities, which is then packed and shipped straight to the customer.

And if the user didn’t make it through the entire questionnaire? Using Iterable, port80 built a robust series of abandoned cart emails to earn the leads back, as well as drip marketing emails specialized for the individual based on their questionnaire entries. Allergies, dietary restrictions, and regional factors are just a few details that can be referenced to earn back leads based on their personal supplement needs.


Nature Made plans to launch Nurish in X, marking their first effort at direct-to-consumer sales.

Kirtan Patel

“port80 saved absolutely killed it! They are masters with Recharge and are experts in the field. We’ll be in touch again soon.”

Kirtan Patel, Pharmavite

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We integrated ReCharge for Nurish by Nature Made® in a short time period and increased sales for them by 35%. The ReCharge suscription model has completely changed their business model and has led to increased retention, demand and positive reviews

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