Magento is an open source platform with it’s pros and cons. Open source can mean that you need more resources to make it work, and manage it successfully. We have over a decade of experience working with Magento, including full migrations for people who are ready for a change.


Management and Optimisation

Does your business have the resources required to successfully manage an open source platform like Magento? We do! We can analyze your current Magento store in order to improve speed, functionality, and efficiency. With 10+ years Magento experience, we have a deep knowledge of the Magento DB structure.



Feel you have grown out of Magento? Migrations are one of our areas of expertise; we have helped dozens of clients migrate from Magento to other e-commerce platforms. We can help translate your data in order to seamlessly move to a different e-commerce platform like Shopify. Our goal is 100% data retention so you don’t need to worry about losing any information, no matter how many products you have.


Worry-Free Data transfer

We do comprehensive data mapping and discovery processes to eliminate any surprises. We work to improve and translate existing data. Our team of over 15 designers and developers means we have the ability to handle large migrations: 50,000+ products, 500,000+ orders, and unlimited customers.

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