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We are Ecommerce Experts

Chosen by BigCommerce themselves as a premium certified partner, port80 has consistently delivered custom tailored Big Commerce stores that exceed client expectations. We are reliable partners that have enjoyed success working with Fortune 500 companies, and can effectively service smaller boutique shops as well. We enjoy working with our clients that hail from every corner of the world, and have extended hours to make sure we can effectively communicate with you in your timezone.

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We Put Thought Into Your Website

Creating custom Ecommerce solutions for our clients requires a team of experts. Each expert we bring to the solution table is highly specialized with years of experience. We start off by having our Information Architect gather all relevant information and requirements for your website, and make sure we start you off on the best platform. It’s not uncommon for clients to spend 1000’s of dollars on inferior ecommerce platforms and have to throw it all away, so this is a critical decision. When we have a good understanding of your business today, and where its going in the future, we will offer a clear path on the best technology platform for you business. Due only to our vast experience across many platforms and years of development are we able to offer this expert insight.


Clean Designs Focused Around Your Products

We craft gorgeous designs tailored specifically for your brand. We don’t want to just build an awesome website, we want to build a site that drives traffic and sales. Customers get frustrated easily and will shop elsewhere if their shopping experience isn’t clear and understandable. That’s why it’s our goal to make the site extremely easy to navigate with a simple order/checkout process so customers can concentrate on your products. These combined ingredients add up to a truly effective tool for selling products for your business.


Clean Coding and Development

Its a full time job just keeping up with the latest advancements, good thing we love what we do, and this is our favourite part. We were the first to bring responsive web designs to Big Commerce and will continue to innovate cutting edge technologies and best practices in our code. Rounds of quality assurance and detailed code optimizations make sure that your pages load as fast as possible. It’s the little things that count and they all add up to make for a better quality store. The difference is in the details!


Search Engine Optimization

Of course we can build you a fully functional website that looks amazing, but sales will be limited if your the only one looking at it. Setting up an online store is all about getting a return on your investments, and we understand that. You need measurable results and a game plan to acheive that. Organic search engine optimizations combined with a CPC (Cost per click) campaign is a great start to drive traffic to your site. With some research we will help to identify the best channels to drive traffic to your site, and with a well thought out plan, we execute, and ultimately drive sales and profits !

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