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BootayBag offers women a whole new way to shop for underwear. Starting at $9 per month, and based on personal style and frequency preferences, BootayBag delivers underwear shipments to customers’ doorsteps.

“After the launch of the new site, BootayBag’s subscriber base jumped from 10,000 to 45,000.”


Thanks to a highly engaged Instagram community, BootayBag acquired 10,000 subscribers in their first year of business. With such a significant customer base, they quickly realized their eCommerce solutions weren’t going to cut it—they needed to upgrade to an automated subscription payment solution. For their storefront, they needed a mobile-friendly shopping experience that provided customers with more shopping options and a workflow to earn back customers who had cancelled. Internally, they needed automated inventory management and an easier payment solution.

Enter port80. Our team set up Shopify, implemented a combination of standard and beta features for subscription service plug-in ReCharge, and extended ReCharge’s functionality with a custom storefront portal. We also connected customer service tool Zendesk to streamline customer communication and marketing efforts… all on a tight 8-week timeline, launching in time for BootayBag’s Black Friday deadline.



With their existing infrastructure, BootayBag didn’t have a functional method for calculating how much product was needed to fulfill upcoming shipments, which resulted in inaccurate inventory showing on the site, cancelled orders and loss of subscribers. Their systems were also restricting their product offering, which was hindering revenue growth—they wanted to offer customers an easy way to add additional products to their automated monthly orders, but they didn’t have the ability to do so. Plus, they were ready for a new look.

The team at port80 identified and understood BootayBag’s pain points quickly and developed a customized solution. We tackled four distinct projects to meet BootayBag’s needs: inventory management, one-time products, cancellation flow, and a customer portal redesign.


One of BootayBag’s biggest pain points was overselling product, which was not only time-consuming to correct, but also gave customers a poor experience. Since inventory management solutions aren’t part of Recharge’s offering, we developed a system for daily stock reports that trigger an “out of stock” message on BootayBag’s site—virtually eliminating the costly error of overselling.

We developed a workflow to support one-time product purchases, allowing customers to add additional products to their shipments. A cancellation workflow provides them with the option to downgrade to a lower-priced tier—which has reduced unsubscribes and extended customer lifespan.

For BootayBag’s customer base, a smooth mobile UX was essential. We built a custom version of ReCharge’s storefront portal on BootayBag’s site, which allowed more control over the design, and optimized the portal for mobile. It wasn’t just a cosmetic upgrade, though—we focused on improving ReCharge’s basic functionalities, allowing for a customer experience designed specifically for BootayBag’s customers and their needs.


After the launch of the new site, BootayBag’s subscriber base jumped from 10,000 to 45,000. Today, a year later, their site supports X monthly shipments.

BootayBag’s savvy customers expect high-functioning ecommerce experiences, and with BootayBag, they’ve got it. Subscribers can add to their orders, change their preferences, skip a month, or downgrade their subscription tier, all through a beautifully branded, mobile-friendly site.

“port80 saved the day for us. They did a Shopify orverhaul and setup Recharge for us in only 4 weeks.”

Elly Gheno, Founder of BootayBag

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