Big Commerce Grouped Products

As a store owner, there are situations where you’d like your customers the ability to choose multiple quantities of different products from the same page.  Recently Port80 Webdesign came up with two solutions for our clients “Home Linens Collection” and “In His Hands”.

Home Linens Collection

HLC wanted to display a set of products so that their customers could easily add additional items to one of their Bedding products.  Because of the limitations of Big Commerce’s bundling functionality we had to come up with an alternative solution.

Using the Big Commerce API, we were able to customize the logic for HLC’s existing product page so that it required very little effort to assemble “Grouped Products”.  The customer could also choose between multiple product options for each of the child products associated with the parent product.  We also built in thumbnail switching so that the product selected was reflected to the user.

In His Hands

This integration required a more advanced “Grouped Product” setup. “In His Hands” needed to create a set of “Birth Kits” that would allow the customer to choose multiple products, some of which required the selection of multiple product options.  They also required the ability to set minimum quantities for each of the child products within the kit.

We were able to use the Big Commerce API to make this functionality work for IHH.  We used caching to ensure that the “Birth Kits” which contained numerous options loaded quickly customer and adding products to cart was a seamless and snappy experience.

Take advantage of our custom grouped product integration and give your customers an easier way to purchase products on your store.

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